Common Misconceptions About Auto Accident Litigation in Jacksonville

The Law Office of Bruce A. Gartner of Jacksonville would like to address some common myths and misconceptions about auto accident lawsuits in Jacksonville.  Here are the top three:

I do not need a lawyer since I am not at fault and the other guy’s insurance will cover everything.

Insurance companies make money by denying your claims or offering you less compensation than you deserve.  When they first make an offer of compensation, it will barely cover your expenses and will be a fraction of what you are entitled to.  If you suffer injuries in an auto accident caused by the recklessness or negligence of another, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, car repairs, pain and suffering, and lost wages.  Without skilled legal representation for your auto accident lawsuit in Jacksonville, insurance companies will never compensate you justly.

I cannot wait for the outcome of a lengthy court battle to determine my compensation for the accident. I would rather just take what the insurance companies offer upfront.

Most auto accident lawsuits in Jacksonville are settled out of court, meaning you will not have to go through lengthy court proceedings to receive your compensation.  Moreover, settling with the insurance companies right away may waive your right to seek more compensation later, especially if you have lingering health problems.  As before, insurance companies will always seek to offer you less money than you deserve.  It always pays to have an experienced Jacksonville personal injury attorney like Bruce Gartner assist you with your Jacksonville auto accident lawsuit.

The black boxes in my car and the other guy’s car will clearly show that he was at fault.  Since the truth about the accident is so obvious, I can argue the case on my own and keep the whole settlement.

Automobile black boxes only record the wheel speed of the car, which is not enough information to conclusively show who is at fault in a car accident.  Laws regarding Jacksonville auto accident litigation are complex, and even what appears to be a relatively straightforward case can get mired in the technicalities of the law.  Be certain to retain a capable Jacksonville auto accident lawyer who can make sure that the facts of the accident come out and you get the settlement you deserve.

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