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Northeast Florida Lawyer Focuses Exclusively on Personal Injury Cases

Experienced Jacksonville Beach attorney seeks compensation for victims of negligence

People who’ve been hurt in an accident often don’t fully understand the rights they have to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other types of harm that they’ve suffered. My Jacksonville Beach firm, Bruce A. Gartner, P.A., focuses exclusively on personal injury so that northeast Florida residents can collect the reimbursement they deserve. The decision by the Florida Supreme Court overturning the cap on noneconomic damages means that plaintiffs now have a better chance of winning a verdict or settlement that fairly addresses the pain and suffering they’ve endured. Whether you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, a fall or some other type of incident caused by someone else’s negligence, my firm will work tirelessly to secure an appropriate financial recovery.

Thorough advocate assists people hurt in motor vehicle accidents

When you’ve been in an auto accident, actions that might seem inconsequential can have a major impact on the eventual result of your case. Without qualified legal guidance, you might not be sure about how to handle key questions regarding medical expenses, legal fees or settlement offers. No matter how complex your situation might seem, I’ll give you clear, sound advice on possible issues such as:

  • Insurance matters — If you have concerns about Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, bodily injury liability, or whether you should give a recorded statement to an adjuster, my firm provides the information you need.
  • Truck accidents — Collisions involving large commercial vehicles demand a lawyer who’s familiar with regulations on speed, load weight and driver rest that govern trucks and their drivers.
  • Motorcycle accidents — Drivers sometimes fail to honor the laws designed to protect motorcycle riders and then try to blame the biker for the crash that results. I am a strong advocate for riders injured in accidents with larger vehicles.

Many personal injury victims feel their case is not worth pursuing or that securing legal representation is beyond their means. Do not make the mistake of judging the merits of your case on your own. Leave that to an experienced professional. My firm offers a free initial consultation so you can enforce your rights, and you pay nothing if you don’t receive a settlement or award.

Accomplished firm handles cases involving falls, dog bites and fatalities

Victims of personal injury cases often have the right to recover compensation for medical bills, physical rehabilitation and other costs such as pain and suffering and lost wages. Still, it can be difficult to assess the value of noneconomic damages in a trial or settlement discussion. Having a seasoned injury lawyer by your side will help you understand these concerns in claims relating to:

  • Slip and fall incidents — In slip and fall cases, my firm undertakes a complete review to determine if a property owner failed to correct a hazardous condition.
  • Dog bites — Attacks from dogs and other pets can cause severe and lasting injury. When someone is injured due to a bite or some other circumstance, I take action against the liable owner.
  • Wrongful deaths — No one can undo a tragic death that befalls a family member. However, my firm assists loved ones and estate representatives who are entitled to payment that compensates them for certain aspects of their loss.

Florida has a four-year statute of limitations for most personal injury claims. If the victim was incapacitated at the time of the incident or the defendant left the state, exceptions might apply. In any case, prompt action gives plaintiffs the best chance to gather the evidence necessary to construct a formidable case, even if the statute of limitations has a long time to run.

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Bruce A. Gartner, P.A. advocates for northeast Florida residents in a full range of personal injury actions, such as claims arising out of auto accidents, falls and dog bites. Please call 904-395-5032 or contact me online to review your legal options during a free consultation at my Jacksonville Beach location.

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