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Dog Bites

Proven Jacksonville Beach Attorney Represents Victims of Dog Bites

Northeast Florida litigator pursues compensation for people hurt by others’ pets

Dog bites and other types of pet attacks can cause significant harm. If you or a family member is bitten by a dog on someone else’s property, it warrants investigating whether or not that person or business maintained their animal and premises in accordance with Florida law. At my Jacksonville Beach firm, Bruce A. Gartner, P.A., I initiate legal action on behalf of people who have been hurt by others’ animals. Under the state’s premises liability law, pet owners are obligated to adhere to an explicit code of standards in maintaining their animals and properties. If this code is violated and you are injured because of it, you are entitled to relief. I will work tirelessly to see that you get the compensation you deserve for the harm you’ve suffered.

Effective representation for your dog bite injury claim is within reach

Bruce A. Gartner, P.A. is passionate about helping individuals who have been injured but fear they have no recourse for compensation. No matter what the extent of your dog bite injury is, it is critical that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you assert your rights. With 20 years of legal practice experience, I can assist with issues such as:

  • Pet attacks that aren’t bites — Being knocked over by a dog could cause a fractured skull, back problem or other physical harm. I’ll explain how these cases are handled by liability insurers and courts.
  • A defendant’s claim the plaintiff is at fault — Comparative negligence can be used as a defense to a dog bite lawsuit. If the defendant alleges that your carelessness or misconduct contributed to the injury, my firm will conduct a thorough investigation to rebut their defense.
  • Injuries on someone else’s property — Under premises liability law, a property owner or someone else responsible for the premises is required to take reasonable steps to maintain safe conditions. This includes limiting the danger that their animals present to visitors who are lawfully on the pet owner’s property.

Even if a dog has never bitten someone before, the dog’s owner is still responsible for its misbehavior. During your free initial consultation, I will evaluate your case and advise you on how to proceed.

Proven advocate explains steps to take following an animal attack

The actions you take following a dog bite injury are critical. People frequently fail to obtain important information in the stressful moments following an animal attack. Even if you’re not sure how severe the injury is, you should seek medical attention promptly. Witnesses can disappear quickly, so you should obtain the name of the pet owner and anyone who might have seen the incident. If you were hurt on a rental property, the landlord might also share liability if they allowed their tenant to keep an aggressive dog on the premises. Record your impressions and call the police for a report of the incident. From the moment you contact my firm, I’ll take effective steps to maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Contact a skillful Florida lawyer for a free consultation concerning a harmful dog bite

Bruce A. Gartner, P.A. represents victims of dog bites and other animal attacks throughout northeast Florida. Please call 904-395-5032 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my office in Jacksonville Beach.

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